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LuxFaucet Elysia

LuxFaucet Elysia

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Dive into an experience of elegance with the LuxFaucet Elysian. This mixed faucet stands as a testament to luxury and utility, offering a seamless blend of hot and cold to match your every whim. At its heart is a ceramic disc spool, crafted meticulously for a drip-free, smooth experience every time you turn the handle.

But what makes the Elysian truly stand out is its embodiment of light luxury – forged from the purest copper, it promises not just enduring beauty but unparalleled durability. The aesthetic choices abound; whether it's the ethereal allure of brushed gold, the deep enchantment of black, or the sleek modern sheen of electroplating, you have the freedom to select from high and low specifications to perfectly complement your basin's design.

With the LuxFaucet Elysian, your bathroom isn't just a space – it's a statement. Elevate your décor, embrace the art of living, and immerse yourself in a world where luxury meets everyday utility.

Product Information:

Function: mixed faucet
Type: Ceramic disc spool
Material: Copper
Application: washbasin


Packing list:
1x Faucet 

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