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Jade Elements

LED Faucet

LED Faucet

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Elevate your bathroom experience with the Jade Elements - Bathroom Collection. A harmonious blend of design, durability, and innovation, our LED Faucet promises not just a fixture, but a statement piece for your sanctuary.

Distinctive Design Meets Durability

Our LED Faucet isn't just a tap; it's an experience. The distinctive design of the Jade Elements collection is crafted to captivate. Its solid surface, combined with luxurious colors, immerses you in an ambiance of elegance every time you step into your bathroom. But it's not just about looks. The faucet's design ensures it remains as enchanting as the day you installed it, year after year.

Corrosion-Resistant Craftsmanship

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, durability is paramount. Our LED Faucet is meticulously crafted to be corrosion-resistant, ensuring longevity. The sleek and contemporary style doesn't just add aesthetic appeal but also promises a product that stands the test of time.

A Symphony of Luxury and Functionality

The Jade Elements - LED Faucet is more than just a faucet; it's a magnificent expression of luxury. Every detail, every curve, every feature is designed to provide not just functionality but also a touch of opulence. It's not just a bathroom fixture; it's a masterpiece.

Innovative LED Feature

One of the standout features of our faucet is the LED lights. These aren't just for show. The LED lights change color based on the water's temperature, adding a touch of magic to your daily routine. It's not just enchanting but also functional, giving you a visual cue about the water's temperature.

Easy Installation

Worried about setting up? We've got you covered. Our product comes with an installation video to guide you through the process, ensuring a hassle-free setup.


Product Specifications:

  • Body Base Dimensions: Diameter 43 / 49mm
  • Hose Length: A generous 60cm for flexibility and ease of use.
  • Material Excellence: The body is crafted from high-quality copper, ensuring durability and a premium feel.
  • Unique Features: Apart from the LED lights, the faucet boasts a three-color temperature control, adding to its functionality.
  • Surface Treatment: Choose between paint or plating, based on your aesthetic preference.
  • Molding Process: Our gravity casting ensures a seamless and smooth finish.
  • Spool Quality: The ceramic spool not only adds to the faucet's durability but also ensures smooth operation.

In conclusion, the Jade Elements - LED Faucet is not just a product; it's a promise of luxury, durability, and innovation. Transform your bathroom into a realm of elegance today.

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