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OfficeA™ Metallic Cordless Table Lamp

OfficeA™ Metallic Cordless Table Lamp

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Where longevity and craftsmanship meet, the Office™ Table Lamp is carved from a spinning block of metal. Pure in form and reassuringly firm in texture.

Using our technology, Office is a cordless lamp embedded with a touch sensor, that one can adjust its light color output in 3 settings to complement a variety of occasions.

Soft Light
Inspired from natural light and the soft, familiar lines of classic lanterns, this lamp stands sharp emitting gentle light from beneath its top to fill the darkness with a warm radiance that enhances the night.

Simply touch the top of the lamp to control the light. Dimming is possible in four stages: a faint light like a candle, a light to enjoy a meal, a light to illuminate a table, and a light to add depth and brightness to a room.

Product information:

Material, Aluminum + Acrylic,

Power source:5W

Battery:2600mAh polymer lithium battery

Style:LED lamp beads,three-speed dimming

Main scope of application: bedroom, study, hotel, restaurant, etc.

Packing list:

Led lights*1

USB cable *1


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