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Cali - Gold Retro Mushroom Table Lamp

Cali - Gold Retro Mushroom Table Lamp

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Our Cali Lamp is not wireless and requires to be plugged into a wall in order to light up.

Coated in luxurious golden, white, or black color. The Cali lamp has been said to completely revolutionize the image of a classic table lamp. Combining the geometrical shapes of cylinder, cone and hemisphere, Cali is a lamp that is extremely refined and bold at the same time, and it has become an icon of modern minimal design.

With an eclectic blend of traditional and modern designs, Jade Elements - Lighting Collection comes in timeless pieces that fit well with every home décor style.

Our collection captures the rich textures and hues of nature to create elegant lighting designs that can transform spaces into refined retreats.

From sleek table lamps to wall lightings to elegant floor lamps, the Jade Elements - Lighting Collection brings a warm glow to any room with its sleek, fluid lines and natural finishes. Evoke a sense of calm and tranquility.

Small - 28 x 38cm (11in x 15in)
Large - 37 x 50cm  (14.5in x 19.7in)

Black White Gold


Lamp base material: metal
Style: simple
Voltage: 220V

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