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Asian Style Tree Light with Audio Function

Asian Style Tree Light with Audio Function

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Natural veneer lampshade, selected from American imported cherry wood, elegant and noble, with ever-changing textures.

Tree-shaped bracket, very unique and creative appearance structure design, our designers are well versed in Chinese traditional culture-ancient trees have the meaning of guarding, blessing the peace of one side, the tree alone becomes a forest, a paradise for birds, The designer uses the tree as the design prototype, which is auspicious; the designer integrates the Chinese people’s longing and wishes for a better life into the design elements, and effectively combines modern advanced practical technology to make the product beautiful, practical, scientific and technological, and the Chinese people generally yearn for it. The beautiful and auspicious inner emotions are integrated, so that "it" is no longer just a speaker lamp, but a waiting and companionship full of understanding and warmth;

Using 38 LED environmental protection lamp beads, the light through the cherry wood grain presents a different kind of warm texture. 

Touch the switch light, touch-type stepless light adjustment, making the control and adjustment simple and free;

When the light is on, press and hold the touch area for 3 seconds, the desk lamp enters the delayed sleep aid and sleep mode, the light is automatically adjusted to the darkest, and it will automatically turn off after a delay of 30 minutes to protect your sleep;

Cloud Audio: Download the APP, after the connection is successful, you can listen to a large number of audio sources, not only music, but also radio stations, columns, audio books, etc., your personal music consultant;

Support mobile phone wireless charging (non-adapted models need charging stickers).

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